Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Morning Routine that has stopped my Period Cramps

My morning routine that stopped period cramps for good

Hello beautiful!

It's been one fast week, heck, it's been a flash month. Where has August ran to?
How about those goals we had in the beginning of the year? Let's hurry up!
So in my previous post about tackling blogging rut; in case you missed it, please read up HERE

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Wednesday last week was a bit strange but exciting.... for the first time I saw ladies open up on Twitter about DYSMENORRHEA; what we commonly call Menstral cramps/pain. 
A lot of things go on Twitter.... Twitter Nigeria specifically. 
My Twitter timeline was going off guyz!
Sordid revelations on Menstral cycle, Period symptoms, how to ease the painful cramps of menstruation, medications to take for the pain e.t.c
Also, how much we dread the Period time of the month and the symptoms that accompany it. Not going to write much about them here; we ladies all know. 
I mean, we've come to live with this since puberty set in. So i'd leave the sordid details out of this post.

Now, to the pain part. Yeah, the cramps...

We ladies wish we were allowed to go on "period leave"(or maybe called something not that obvious... lol). Maybe two (2) days off or thereabout at our respective workplaces when it's about that time of the month.

But nah....you don't want to be absent from work and everyone at the office would think period. Even if it was given a code name, your colleagues would find out, they always do...smh!
It's a private time; let's just deal with it privately, girl.

I have had my fair share of cramps; but, I have got to be honest with you, I can't recall when last I had such grievous cramps.

Owing to some lifestyle changes; drinking no sodas, less boxed fruit juices, less sugar intact and extra love for water. 
Being consistent at it, I would say period cramps are gone and all I am left with to piss off about is menstral flow....wish there was a remedy for that too, Jesus. 😞

My Remedy...

No medication, just concious cleansing and detoxification.

Natural remedies for menstral pain

Please let's ignore the sorry that this "flat lay" attempt (emphasis on the quotation marks). This was my best shot...tbh!
I'm so sorry flat lay Queens; would do better next time.

I have a stash of teas, guys. Green teas, chamomile tea (which I need to restock on), lemon grass tea and more I have discarded their kpali boxes.
I take any of them in no particular order every morning and if I don't get a chance to take them in the morning, I take in the evening.
I seldom add fresh lemon juice; it's a case of if I have them. 
You can decide to sweeten with honey by all mean, but I love mine with apple cider vinegar (Bragg's ACV) instead...oh the zesty taste is everything!

How would I know that this is what has worked to keep the cramps at bay?
I'd say I was once VERY much inconsistent at doing my detox and my grievous period cramps were back; but, when I started to take it seriously and made it a ritual, I noticed I had no cramps.
Four cycles and counting, yo.

Recipe for one mug...

  1. One teabag of any of.... Green tea/Chamomile tea/Lemon grass tea
  2. Two(2) tablespoons of fresh lemon juice or two thinly cut slices if you muct (Optional)
  3. Two(2) tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar (it's a staple for me because I love the zest it adds)
  4. Hot water


  1. Hot water
  2. Two(2) tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar (Bragg's brand)
Ban menstral cramps one cup at a time.

Healthy ways, natural ways to stop DYSMENORRHEA for good
I forgot to add my Bragg's ACV in the first shot 😂
That's it, ladies! I hope you give this a try.

What are your methods of dealing with period cramps? 

Let's keep it real in the comment section below; I wanna read all of it.

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Lost my Blogging Vibe and how I got it back

How to get out of a blogging rut and stay inspired

Heyyyyyy guyz!

It's a good day to write a post. So it's no news that I haven't posted in over a month. That's careless! I know. My explanation may be valid but might not be important. But I'd let you in on some details, anyway.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

D.I.Y : How I customize my black soap

African black soap with turmeric powder, lemon juice, red sandal wood powder and honey

Hey everyone!

How is everyone  doing? A happy new month to you.
Time to reevaluate those goals again, the year is speeding by. Let's work towards achieving the year's goals.
So today, I come bearing a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.....

Saturday, 25 June 2016

How to stop itchy scalp with your weave on

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Do you do the "tap dance" on your head rather than the floor? Who am I kidding? I don't even know how to tap dance.

Hey everyone!
I've be gone for a bit, but God's grace has brought me back....Amen? ....😏

Ladies, we have a familiar demon, itchy scalp.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


best ways to wear earrings with sensitive ears

Hey hey...agaaain!

I've been lazy this weekend...I just want to rest, nne (mom).
The traffic blows I got during the week coupled with less sleep got me feeling like I


why you react earrings, necklaces and jewelries
Hey guys!!!

Thank you for checking in again (:
The feedback...Ohhhh sweet lord! your feedback... from my previous post has been so... so... overwhelming, yet so humbling. I'm truly grateful for all the comments that came in, it

Saturday, 5 March 2016


beauty tips and hacks for summer or the hot weather

That is not my real face O...lol!

Hey lovelies! 
It's my first... well, first 'major' post. I'm really excited to finally set this blog on course! Thank you Dleonalife for the 'hard' push and also for cheering me on. 

To be honest, i had no idea what an 'ideal' first post should be (maybe i'm taking this thing